Bone Densitometry

Osteoporosis: Early Diagnosis with Bone Density

Columbia Midtown Radiology provides state-of-the-art bone densitometry in a convenient outpatient setting. Our Hologic Dual Energy X-ray (DEXA) Densitometer offers advanced capabilities for the diagnosis of osteoporosis and other bone demineralization conditions. The two strongest risk factors for osteoporotic fractures are existing vertebral fractures and low bone density. The DEXA scan allows integrated and simultaneous assessment of vertebral deformities along with bone mineral density (BMD) results by including a low-dose single-energy x-ray image for the evaluation of vertebral deformities. A bone density predicts the risk of future fractures by determining the patient's BMD and comparing that result with the average BMD of adults the same age, sex and race. The vital information acquired from a DEXA scan helps the referring physician determine if steps need to be taken to protect the patient's bone health and prevent osteoporosis. Early detection using bone density measurement is the best way to protect yourself from the potentially debilitating effects of osteoporosis. Bone density is a simple, safe, non-invasive, and painless scan. The amount of radiation the patient receives during a DEXA scan is a fraction of that received from a standard x-ray. The procedure takes from 10 to 20 minutes.


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