Seminars and Colloquia




Colloquium: December 6, 2012, Speakers: Peter A. Sims, Manuela Buonanno, David P. Horowitz [more]

Seminar: Debember 3, 2012, James Eberwine, Elmer Homes: "Molecular Analysis of Live Single Cells and Subcellular Regions: Insights and Surprises." Humphreys Auditorium (VC 14-240).

Seminar: November 14, 2012, Tej Pandita: "Role of MOF in DNA Damae Response and Beyond" [more]

Seminar: November 2, 2012, Sei Sai: "Eradication of Cancer Stem Cells by Heavy Ion Radiotherapy - A Promising New Strategy for Cancer Treatment" [more]

Colloquium: July 24, 2012, Speakers: David Brenner, Rodney Rothstein, Simon Cheng [more]

Seminar: July 23, 2012, Gordana Vunjak-Novacokovic: "Engineering Human Tissues" [more]

Seminar: July 12, 2012, Rachele Kardon: "Ion Torrent PGM & Proton sequencing; Genomic DNA or RNA to Variant Calls for all sequencing applications"

Colloquium: March 27, 2012, Speakers: Peter Grabham, Mikhail Repin, Jung-Chi Liao [more]