Laboratory Renovation

Visitors to the Center's laboratories will note that the physical plant seems to be taken out of central casting from a movie about science in the 1940's.  In fact, that is where our laboratories were last renovated! Our plumbing, heating, cooling, vacuum and basic laboratory infrastructure is essentially unchanged since we moved into our space on the 11th Floor of the Vanderbilt Clinic in 1944!  Despite this obvious impediment to productivity and efficiency, our scientists and staff have worked tirelessly over the last century, making numerous important research contributions to radiobiology, radiotherapy, radiation physics and dosimetry, among others.  Nevertheless, to continue to remain productive in today's increasingly complex, competititive and technologically detailed research environment we must secure adequate funds for basic laboratory renovation and upgrades.  The physical appearance of our 50 year old laboratories makes it increasingly difficult to recruit talented biologists, chemists and physicists to the Center and to adequately train the next generation of radiation scientists.

We have prepared a detailed renovation plan and the University has provided technical architectural and engineering resources to guide us should we secure sufficient funding from both governmental and private sources. We would be happy to share these details with our supporters and friends.


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How to help

We encourge interested individuals to contact us to learn more about the work at the Center.  To make a donation, please utilize this link to Columbia University's "giving" page and indicate you would like your donation to be directed to the Center for Radiological Research. Donations of any size are welcome, important and very much appreciated!  Thank you for your support!