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Global Health Collage

CUSON believes in the importance of fostering an understanding of cultural competence among students and faculty, in both clinical and research arenas, through collaboration with global partners. Much of this work is accomplished through the School’s WHO Collaborating Center for Advanced Practice Nursing.

Objectives and Advisory Board
The mission of the Office of Global Initiatives of the School of Nursing is to contribute to the improvement of the world’s health through service, education, practice and research at home and abroad.

Memoranda of Understanding
The School of Nursing currently has signed MOUs with several schools of nursing and hospitals across the globe.

WHO Collaborating Center
The School of Nursing of Columbia University is designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Advanced Practice Nursing from January 2011 to January 2015.

Information & Opportunities for CUSON Students
The School of Nursing encourages students at all degree levels to develop an understanding of global health issues and the cultural, economic and social factors that affect healthcare in the United States and abroad.

Opportunities for CUSON Graduates & Faculty
Volunteer experiences are often available for healthcare providers with many organizations.  The School of Nursing on occasion may offer opportunities for service, as we did after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. International SOS is contracted by Columbia University to assist employees who travel abroad for study, research, work projects or other University business.

Global Health Resources
A growing list of some global health resources including links to organizations, assessment tools, reports and WHO bulletins.

Conferences & Meetings
Listings of meetings and conferences about global health issues that may be of interest to students and faculty

News and Activities
Columbia University School of Nursing faculty, students and alumni often are involved in scholarly research, clinical practice and educational endeavors all around the globe.  In addition to reports in the Academic Nurse and the monthly eNewsletter, information about global outreach can be found here.

International Visitors, Students and Scholars
The School of Nursing and Columbia University has policies in place for short term visits and for longer stays.  Please read these policies carefully before contacting the School of Nursing about a possible visit.

IRIS Consortium
Columbia University is a member/partner in the IRIS network for advanced practice education in the caring professions.

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