Office of Scholarship and Research (OSR)
Faculty and Staff

The goals of the Columbia University School of Nursing Office of Scholarship & Research (OSR) are to facilitate faculty and pre-/post-doctoral research, maximize the success of funding applications, and promote scholarly productivity including research, publications, and other means of disseminating scholarly work. This includes:

  • Support for professional development;
  • Support for grant and research preparation;
  • Statistical assistance;
  • Database management and analysis;
  • Support for dissemination of scholarly work;
  • Tracking of research progress, scholarly work, regulatory compliance, and communications; and
  • Budget planning and monitoring

Office of Scholarship & Research Affiliated Faculty and Staff

Associate Dean for Research

Elaine Larson, RN, PhD, FAAN, CIC
617 West 168th Street, Room 330
Dr. Larson provides input regarding study conceptualization and design, assists faculty in identifying researchable and potentially fundable topics, critically reviews and provides input regarding study prospectus and proposal drafts, and assists with identifying resource needs for inclusion in the school’s budget. Dr. Larson is Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research to Prevent Infections (CIRI).


Director, Office of Scholarship & Research

Kristine M. Kulage, MA
Centralized E-mail:
617 West 168th Street, Room 115
(212) 305-5495
Ms. Kulage oversees the daily operations of the Office, providing assistance to faculty and doctoral students in applying for research funding, including budget preparation, grant submission, communicating with the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, award set-up, and recruiting and supervising research staff. Ms. Kulage also serves as Co-Editor of the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) Magazine.

OSR Administrative CoordinatorLaureen Pagan

Laureen Pagan
Centralized E-mail:
617 West 168th Street, 1st Floor Finance Suite
(212) 305-5015
Working closely with the Director of the OSR, Ms. Pagan provides assistance to faculty and doctoral students for a variety of pre-award research grant activities and annual renewals of non-research applications and scholarships. In addition, she works with faculty on budget preparation, grant submission compliance, communicating with Sponsored Projects Administration, and award set-up.


Haomiao Jia, PhD
617 West 168th Street, Room 354
Dr. Jia provides statistical assistance to faculty and doctoral students to assist with research projects and grant applications. Dr. Jia can be contacted directly via e-mail for an appointment to engage him in consultation or collaboration for research. Doctoral students must secure permission of their advisor prior to meeting with Dr. Jia.

Christie Jeon, ScD

Data Analyst

Jianfang Liu, Ph.D.
617 West 168th Street, Room 355
(212) 305-9784
Dr. Liu’s affiliation with the OSR includes assisting faculty, fellows, and graduate students with database management and analysis. This includes ensuring data safety and integrity, validating and modeling data, smooth running of research project databases, and analysis of information using statistical methods to recognize patterns in data.

Director of Finance

Ruth Torres, EMPA
601 West 168th Street, 2nd Floor
Ms. Torres manages day to day operations within the Office of Finance including problem solving and implementation of standards and procedures to improve workflow and simplify reporting. Ms. Torres works closely with faculty and staff to ensure that their daily business activities are in compliance with contractual, university, and federal guidelines. She manages all aspects of post-award administration. Additionally, Ms. Torres serves as primary effort reporting coordinator.

Financial Coordinator

Samantha DaLuz
601 West 168th Street, 2nd Floor
Ms. DaLuz works in the administration of sponsored projects post-award affairs. She is responsible for reporting and compliance of sponsored research awards/contracts, and provides financial analysis and review of sponsored research.


617 West 168th Street
New York, NY 10032

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