The entry-level clinical doctorate (DPT) is now recognized by the profession of physical therapy as the degree of choice for today’ practicing clinician. This change in degree status is a result of the changes that are occurring in the delivery of health care services that require more independence of physical therapists. Over the next several decades, more than ever, physical therapists will be essential in providing a continuum of care through both direct access and the referral systems. To meet the expanding roles of the physical therapist, the Columbia DPT curriculum has been designed to enable students to think critically, exercise technical competence and make significant contributions in improving the health status of their patients/clients by embracing evidence-based practice.  Outcome assessment has shown that our graduates have advanced the profession through their contributions as clinical researchers and educators in collaboration with other health care disciplines, and have served as advocates for change within the health care delivery system. I welcome you to share the excitement and deep satisfaction of becoming a physical therapist.

The Program in Physical Therapy is located on the Medical Center campus of Columbia University (168th Street and Broadway), amid the world famous New York Presbyterian Hospital Academic Health Center, creating one of the nation's most dynamic educational environments. The Program in Physical Therapy, as part of the College of Physicians & Surgeons, shares the campus with the Dental School, School of Nursing and Mailman School of Public Health. This collaborative environment brings a holistic, patient-centered approach to improving motion dysfunction, quality of life and injury prevention in a caring and humanistic fashion. These contributions to health care emphasize qualities highly regarded in medical education and the Program in Physical Therapy is a valuable supplement to the interdisciplinary atmosphere on the Medical Center campus.

As an entry-level student in the DPT program, you will study with a talented cadre of classmates, drawn from all parts of the country and abroad. The faculty brings excellent academic, research and patient-care experience into the classroom and laboratory. For your clinical education experiences you will be able to select from a myriad of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, outpatient facilities and school-based programs, nation-wide and internationally, providing both generalist and specialist services that mirror today's practice environment.

The material on this web site, especially under the Admissions link, will answer many of your questions about our DPT program.  If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me ( or the program's Admission Coordinator, Cynthia Worthington (, or call the program at 212-305-0470.

I look forward to receiving your application.


With best wishes,

Risa Granick, EdD, MPA, PT