The following is a representation of student capstone projects, in various stages from initial trial phase to nearing completion, which are shared between first, second and third year students. Second and third year students, along with the research advisor, serve as mentors to first year students just beginning to work on their capstone project.

  • Disability awareness educational module for kindergarten students

  • Retention of information learned in the disability awareness educational module

  • An analysis of the effect of a posterior to anterior mobilization of the proximal femur on 3-dimensional forces measured at the hip using the Articulated Total Body system

  • The effects of kicking direction on electromyographic activity of the muscles of the stance leg

  • The effects of manually applied tension to the median nerve and brachial plexus on measured wrist extension strength

  • Gait impairments in movement disorders: establishing concurrent validity of an accelerometer device

  • Gait impairments in movement disorders: comparison of Huntington’s, Parkinson’s Disease and Cerebellar disorder

  • Impairments in hand function and activity limitation in Huntington’s Disease

  • Developing home exercise program for individuals with Huntington’s Disease

  • A randomized clinical trial comparing the efficacy of the McCrann ITB twist self-stretch to the traditional Ober self-stretch in lengthening the tensor facsia lata/illiotibial band complex in normal subjects

  • Exercise and health promotion with individuals with spinal cord injury

  • Activity and participation outcomes following orthopedic surgery in children with cerebral palsy: a case study

  • The effect of exercise on the quadriceps/hamstring ratio and ACL stiffness in prepubescent females

  • Techniques of measurement of abdominal strength in pregnant and post partum women

  • Prepubescent ACL function in female soccer players

  • The relationship between abdominal muscle function and the incidence of diastasis recti and low back pain in pregnant and post partum females

  • Establishing sensitivity & specificifity of the cognitive orientation screening tool (COST) on an inpatient rehab unit

  • Time use of the patient in the acute phase post stroke

  • Descriptive study of six-minute walk distance in healthy, typically developing children, ages 7 – 12 years

  • Development of a beginner’s exercise video for children with arthritis

  • Development of an advanced exercise video for children with arthritis

  • Utilization Review: HIV+ patient population at CUMC

  • Education Module: HIV & exercise

  • Disability Awareness Model for Elementary School Students

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