2004 Annual Report
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Microbeam Development Studies [PDF]

Proposed Multiphoton Microscope for the Columbia University Microbeam II Endstation
Alan W Bigelow, Gregory J Ross, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

Imaging Sub-micron Particle Beams
Guy Y Garty, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson and David J Brenner

A Microbeam Irradiator without an Accelerator
Guy Y Garty, Gregory J Ross, Alan W Bigelow, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson, David J Brenner

Phase-Based Cell Imaging Techniques for Microbeam Irradiations
Gregory J Ross, Alan W Bigelow, Gerhard Randers-Pehrson, Chun C Peng and David J Brenner

Bystander Studies [PDF]

Assessment of Low-Dose Low LET Radiation-Induced Bystander Effect in a Three-Dimensional Cell Culture Model
Rudranath Persaud, Hongning Zhou, Tom K Hei and Eric J Hall

Induction of Phosphorylated Protein Kinase C Isoforms in Bystander Cells
Rajamanickam Baskar, Adayabalam S Balajee and Charles R Geard

Cytoplasmic Irradiation Induced Bystander Mutagenesis in Mammalian Cells
Hongning Zhou, Joseph Gillispie and Tom K Hei

The Function of DNA-PKs in Radiation Induced Bystander Effect
Hongning Zhou, Joseph Gillispie and Tom K Hei

Separation of a Mixture of AL and CHO Cells by a Magnetic Technique and Confirmation of Their Purity by Flow Cytometry
Rudranath Persaud, Hongning Zhou, Tom K Hei and Eric J Hall

Molecular Studies [PDF]

Combined Haploinsufficiency for ATM and RAD9 as a Factor in Cell Transformation, Apoptosis and DNA Lesion Repair Dynamics
Lubomir B Smilenov, Howard B Lieberman, Stephen A Mitchell, Ronald A Baker, Kevin M Hopkins and Eric J Hall

Human Checkpoint Control Protein hRAD9 Co-immunoprecipitates with Androgen Receptor
Aiping Zhu, Ralph E Buttyan, Richard A Friedman and Howard B Lieberman

DUSP1 Is an Essential Target of E2F-1 in the Apoptotic Response to Oxidative Stress
Jianli Wang and Yuxin Yin

Downregulation of Betaig-h3 Gene Is Involved in the Tumorigenic Process of Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells Induced By Heavy Ion Radiation
Yongliang Zhao, Genze Shao, Chang Q Piao, Jessica Berenguer and Tom K Hei

Profiling of Differentially Expressed Genes Induced by Organophosphorous Pesticides and Estrogen of Human Breast Epithelial Cells
Gloria M Calaf, Debasish Roy and Tom K Hei

Gene Expression in Response to Heavy Metal Stress
Sally A Amundson, Khanh T Do and Albert J Fornace Jr

Stress-Specific p53-Dependent Responses
Sally A Amundson, Khanh T Do and Albert J Fornace Jr

Cellular Studies [PDF]

Histone H2AX Is Dispensable for Base Excision Repair Activity
Adayabalam S Balajee, Rajamanickam Baskar and Charles R Geard

Mouse ES Cells Devoid of Mrad9B Are Sensitive to UV Radiation
Corinne Leloup, Aiping Zhu, Kevin M Hopkins and Howard B Lieberman

Effect of Haploinsufficiency on Oncogenic Transformation and Survival in Mouse Embryo Fibroblast Cells
Stephen A Mitchell, Lubomir Smilenov, Howard B Lieberman and Eric J Hall

Role of EGFR Signaling in the Regulation of Arsenite-Induced Apoptosis of Human Melanoma and Prostate Carcinoma Cell Lines
Vladimir N Ivanov and Tom K Hei

Quantification of CD59 Mutants of Human-Hamster Hybrid (AL) Cells by Using Flow Cytometry
Hongning Zhou, An Xu, Joseph A Gillispie, Charles A Waldren and Tom K Hei

Establishment and Characterization of Mitochondrial DNA Deficient (ρ0) AL Cells
Su X Liu and Tom K Hei

Induction of Transformation and Chromosome Alteration by Arsenite in hTERT-expressing Human Small Airway Epithelial Cells
Chang Q Piao, Masao Suzuki and Tom K Hei

A Comparison of Genotoxicity between Arsenic and DiMethylarsenic Acid (DMAV) in AL Cells
Su X Liu and Tom K Hei

Population-Based Radiology or Radiotherapy Oriented Studies [PDF]

Cytogenetic Analysis of Lymphocytes from Mayak Workers
Catherine R Mitchell, Tamara V Azizova, Adayabalam S Balajee, Ludmilla E Burak, Valentin F Khokhryakov, Charles R Geard and David J Brenner

Genetic Susceptibility to Cataract Induction by High Energy Heavy Ions
Eric J Hall, David J Brenner, Basil V Worgul and Lubomir Smilenov

Fractionation and Late Rectal Toxicity: The α/β Value for Late Rectal Bleeding
David J Brenner

Mass Screening with CT Colonography: Should the Radiation Exposure be of Concern?
David J Brenner

Cancer Risks after High Doses of Ionizing Radiation
David J Brenner and Rainer K Sachs

Small Group Apprenticeship Program in Radiation Biology
Alan W Bigelow and David J Brenner

The Radiological Research Accelerator Facility an NIH-Supported Resource Center [PDF]
Dir, David J Brenner, PhD, DSc; Chief Physicist, Randers-Pehrson, PhD; Mnger, Stephen A Marino, MS

The Radiation Safety Office [PDF]


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