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Student Travel Fund

Your support of the Student Travel Fund enables students to study overseas and gain international experience that will add immeasurable depth to their education. The School collaborates with nursing schools and clinics around the world, in Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, and Taiwan. Your generosity allows more of our students to participate in this transformative learning opportunity. Make your gift to the Student Travel Fund.

Since 2011, twenty-eight nursing students have cared for patients at Clínica de Familia La Romana in the Dominican Republic. The month-long clinical experience has taught them about the health and life of another culture and enabled them to share health information with staff, patients and their families while earning course credit.

Corrie Shattenkirk, BS ’12

Current nurse midwifery student

Through my clinical rotation at a family clinic in the Dominican Republic, I gained an invaluable lesson in cultural competence that I could never have gotten in a classroom. Seeing how the nurses there adapted to their limited material resources was illuminating. I will draw on that experience when I am serving immigrant families as a Certified NurseMidwife.

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Student Travel Fund

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