Exam Description

Content Description

The ABCC examination is administered during two 5-hour testing sessions. The Day 1 test session consists of an online tutorial (up to 15 minutes), four 1-hour multiple choice questions (MCQ) test periods, and an optional break after any section (up to 45 minutes), within the 5-hour testing session. The Day 2 test session consists of one 67-minute computerized case simulation (CCS) test period including a CCS tutorial (up to 10 minutes), three 1-hour MCQ test periods, an optional break after any section (up to 45 minutes), and a post-test survey if time is available within the Day 2 5-hour testing session.


The purpose of this exam is to test DNP graduates' medical knowledge and understanding of the clinical science considered essential for the sophisticated practice of comprehensive care, with emphasis on patient management in ambulatory care settings. This provides evidence of the competence necessary to assume independent responsibility for providing comprehensive care to patients. DNP competencies developed by CACC (2003, 2006, and 2010) are covered in this exam.