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GE-NMF Primary Care Leadership Program (PCLP), is a service learning experience in specific US cities available to nursing students currently enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral program. More information about the program and the organization can be found on the website Please note that the application deadline has now been extended to March 15, 2013. ·

An Erasmus Intensive Program for Master students in the caring professions, a 12-day workshop in Portugal, May 13-24, 2013, helping to prepare masters students for doing their theses/capstone projects. The workshop is sponsored by the IRIS Consortium of several schools in Europe. They are offering tuition payment for 2 CUSON masters students. The workshops are conducted in English. Travel, lodging, food, etc. will be the responsibility of the student. See attached information. You can also go to the CUSON website--global health--left hand at bottom “IRIS Consortium” to learn more about the purpose of the consortium. The application deadline has been extended and they are willing to consider applicants at this time. If you are interested, please be in touch with Dr. Mary Johnson at


Diversity Committee

The mission of the Columbia University School of Nursing is to support an intellectual learning environment that promotes social justice, innovative research, practice and policy aimed at eliminating health inequalities. We strive for a culture of inclusion and connection that embraces diverse local, regional and global communities with the goal of improving health of all people.

  • Michelle Bernabe
  • Azsha Matthews
  • Tobi Adeboyejo
  • Evelyn Addo-Wallace
  • Michelle Conklin
  • Akosua Boateng
  • Joy Henderson
  • Jennel Osborne
  • Silvia Racquel Ramos-Park

Curriculum Committee

The Committee is charged with ensuring and maintaining the purpose, goals and content of the programs of study as well as their quality.
  • Virginia Ferreira
  • Rachel Deutsch
  • Michelle Bernabe


New Building
Small ad-hoc committees composed of faculty and staff, operations, students, and simulation experts, along with representatives from CUMC facilities management and the architects, will be convened in order to suggest and validate current and future School space needs.
  • Laurie Conway
  • May Yong
  • Michelle Bernabe

Dean's Advisory Group
Dr. Judy Honig, Associate Dean of Students convenes a Dean's Advisory with student representatives from each degree program and each specialty. The purpose of the Dean's Advisory is to provide a forum for communication between the faculty/administration and the students and to foster relationships among student in the various programs.


• Adult/ GNP        Stephanie Hwa
• Acute                   May Yong
• Midwifery           Allison Marie DeLuca
• Senator               Jessica Angelson
• PNP                      Michelle Ly
• Psych                   Kristen M Leinung
• WHNP                 Evelyn Addo
• DNP                     Shelley Fox
• PhD                     Eileen Carter
• FNP                     Melanie Swan
• Anesthesia        Carol Kenific
• ETP                     Alfredo Axtmayer


Entry to Practice Advisory Group
The ETP advisory group is comprised of two students from ETP areas of interest. The group meets with the ETP Program Director to discuss pertinent initiatives and concerns specific to Entry to Practice Students.
  • Pediatrics;  Alfredo Axtmayer and Rebecca Weiss
  • Psychiatric; Brittany Torke and Rachel Allen
  • Childbearing; Simone Lepage and Brittany Kronick
  • Medical/Surgical; Jessica Momberg and Isabel Washburn


Student Health Advisory Committee
The Student Health Service (SHS) is seeking student membership for the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC). The committee convenes for one hour-long meeting once a month, usually at 6PM. The meeting day will be determined by the consensus of SHAC members. Student advisory committee members will be asked to give their input on a wide variety of SHS-related topics. It is preferable that members of the SHAC be enrolled in the Student Health Services.
  • Rita Anderson, Columbia Nursing Representative
Addiction Illness: Medical Solutions
The AI:MS Program is seeking representatives who will work closely with the Director of AI:MS and the Center for Student Wellness to offer confidential referrals for students seeking professional help, as well as support for friends and family members of those affected.
  • Phil Gyura & Shirley Zhao,Columbia Nursing Representatives
Queer Ally Partnership
QAP works to promote visibility and unity on the CUMC campus around sexual identity, gender and social justice. QAP looks to inspire students to become more culturally competent providers and work to promote social justice through healthcare.
  • Rita Anderson, Columbia Nursing Representative

International Health Organization (IHO)
IHO is an intercollegiate collaboration across all schools on the Columbia University Medical Campus; allowing the group to address global health concerns from all angles.

  • Sarah Zuercher, Columbia Nursing Representative
Columbia University Partnership for International Development
CUPID is a student-led effort across Columbia University to facilitate multidisciplinary dialogue, awareness, and action on international development.
  • Reena Neogi & Rachel Deutsch, Columbia Nursing Representatives
Columbia Student Medical Outreach

CoSMO provides free, high-quality primary healthcare to the uninsured population of Washington Heights; promotes community empowerment through outreach and educational efforts; and instills in students a lifelong commitment to the service of all who are in need.
  • Rachel Moschiki, Columbia Nursing Representative

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